Welcome to the African Infectious Diseases Network

The long term aim of this initiative is to establish an internationally recognised network of African scientists with authority and expertise on indigenous infectious diseases. This initiative will begin with anthrax as a building block and then broaden to other diseases. The network includes all infectious diseases of animals as well as zoonotic diseases affecting both animals and humans. The network will provide information to scientists including veterinarians, technologists, veterinary services, extension officers, microbiologists and researchers, but can be used by animal owners and humans affected by zoonotic diseases.

The African continent can benefit from skilled scientists, trained in diagnosing and investigating infectious diseases. Often, those on the frontlines are inadequately trained, and ill-prepared for dealing with such outbreaks. Diagnostic laboratory services continue to be neglected in Africa, which suffers from a lack of resources. As such, accurate surveillance and diagnostics aimed at zoonotic diseases, including anthrax, are severely hampered, contributing towards massive under-reporting. This problem can be addressed by establishing a network of African scientists. Such a network should facilitate technical training across the continent, while promoting the sharing of information and resources. Additionally, the network can be supported through creating a central, shared e-resource for researchers across the continent. Such a data-base could facilitate the rapid dissemination of information between interested parties, in a safe and secure manner. Additional resources can be made available for researchers to pose questions to others in the field, or to help one another interpret confounding results.